About History of Ascension Center Church (Since 1989) Creation Hawaii USA

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Theresa J Thurmond Founder Ascension Hawaii

Theresa J Thurmond
Founder Ascension Hawaii

Ascension Center Church ACE MEtaphysicians Oahu, Hawaii, (1993) Ascension Center Church Organization HISTORY

We began as metaphysicians in meetings in our spiritual Community.

The name and image as it appears today as our logo and brand looks like a pyramid or fractal image with sound waves coming out which I now believe

are representing radio waves coming out of the pointed building or triangle UFO. I believe I was chosen to share the Ascension Age and it was the Ascension Center for the future.

Being called by God though I am a woman and walked with messengers from another place and speaking with beings of a high nature was so that I could prepare my own spiritual path with an open mind. I wanted to be in service to those above who were messengers who served God and who taught me “God has always been!”.



I coined the words together World Information Network (WIN) and Psychic Network, and Ascension Center while I was attending business and self help classes with People Synergistically Involved in 1989. I graduated November 1989.

I know that I had died while giving birth to my fourth daughter. I had a near death experience. I wanted to know about what I experienced on the other side. I also had a NDE or near death experience while I was in the second grade at age 7 years and had seen what I called angels some of the spirit kind.

Hawaii and Psychic Network and Theresa Janette Thurmond Morris went by “TJ” and “TARA”.

TJ Thurmond married Thomos R. Morris in 2000 and became TJ Morris.
ACE Metaphysicians
Oahu, Hawaii, (1993)

]Ascension Center Church Founder Theresa J Thurmond Morris Ascension Center Church
Theresa J Thurmond Morris[/caption]

ACE-before adding ACO Logo created by Theresa J Morris

ACE-before adding ACO
Logo created by Theresa J Morris

(Please Keep an Archive History)

Ascension Center Church Organization became official with the founder Theresa J Thurmond forming the history in September 1993 in Honolulu, Hawaii on the island of Oahu. The history is well documented in cyberspace.

Theresa J Thurmond Ascension Master Reader-Life Coach ACE Metaphysical Institute

Theresa J Thurmond
Ascension Master
Reader-Life Coach
ACE Metaphysical Institute

Ascension Center was formed in Hawaii and based on the Ascension Center Psychic Awakening Classes based on the information and discovery of the channeled material received by the founder Theresa Janette Thurmond. Theresa left for the mainland in 2004 and traveled coast to coast meeting her husband Thomas R. Morris on April 8, 1995 in Lancaster, Texas a part of Dallas, Texas.

Theresa re-established the Ascension Center in Beaver Dam, Kentucky on meeting John Crystal Morris and agreeing to take on the radio show for ascension and sharing in newspaper articles “Things Change” which she began and then gave to Elder Minister of 105years old John C. Morris. He lived to be 108 years and 9 months and Theresa shared with he and his grandson who Theresa married that she would continue the ministry of the ascension process. This is based on the Christ Consciousness and history of the man who walked the earth called Jesus or Jeshua or Jesus Christ.

The information of ascension is based on also recognizing it is up to each soul to decide what the importance is of ascension of one’s own self and soul.

As of March 4, 2016 the name Ascension Center Church Organization was built as a website via a domain name ordered by Theresa J Morris. John Crystal Morris and Thomas R. Morris are both deceased.

Theresa Janette Thurmond Morris began alone on the ascension journey and her own spiritual path and will continue the Ascension Center Church Organization for her children and gran-children and great-grand-children who are all in the United States of America.

THE FRIENDS of Theresa J Morris all agreed to support the ASCENSION CENTER as ACE METAPHYSICIANS on the TJ Morris Radio Network on the ARCHIVES which were founded on June 3, 2012.ERA COP PRESS

Theresa J Morris now shares the future with all her friends in the Ascension Age Movement which she actually coined the term and has written books about the Ascension Age and her MISSION for the Ascension Age and the Ascension Center Organization also now the ACO Club.TJ-Morris-ACIR-ACO-Keyhole-Logo

We share the Ascension Center Organization, the Alien Contact Organization, and the ACE Metaphysical Institute for all the Universal Life and ACE Metaphysicians who share the ACE Metaphysical Institute.

AscensionCenter Church Org

Ascension Center Church Org
Church of ACE Metaphysicians

Ascension Center has agreed to use the Articles of Incorporation and By-laws filed and available online. Also, the Federal Identification for both the Ascension Center Organization dba ACO and the ACE Folklife dba ACE. We share ACE and ACO as acronyms we support for all our Lightworkers and Truthseekers who share with the Ascension s who also share books as authors, and who share on the radio with Theresa J Morris on the TJ Morris Radio Network. Theresa as founder operates under spirituality and paranormal categories.